Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Our speech therapy program is centered on an individuals evaluation and treatment of communication issues and speech disorders. Our professionals will help patients master their motor skills by improving their oral posture which helps avoid mouth sores, and allows food to be swallowed properly. Guided techniques are used to allow patients to take control of their speech impairment, improving their overall health while aging.

Benefits of Speech Therapy:

  • Improve ability to understand and express thoughts
  • Improves swallowing and oral health
  • Manage and decrease speech impairments

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The Home Health Advantage

  • Convenience.

    We offer convenience. Visits are made on your schedule, in the comfort and privacy of your home.

  • One-on-One.

    We offer one-on-one care personalized to your unique needs.

  • Affordable.

    Care at home costs less than the hospital or care facility.

  • Stress Free.

    Home health care reduces stress for patients and caregivers, while allowing patients to maximize quality of life at home with their loved ones.

  • Better Life.

    Home health care promotes better outcomes. Studies show that many patients achieve better outcomes when treatment plans are completed with home care.


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